The Cornucopia

What does the horn of Amalthea, a goat responsible for nursing the Greek King of the Gods, Zeus have to do with the oddly similarly shaped wicker basket? Why is it often filled with a bouquet of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and wheat and used as a center piece on tables to celebrate the Harvest?


The history of the Cornucopia is interesting. It dates back over 3,000 years. To learn more about this tradition you can download my FREE pdf packet containing an image of a Cornucopia and several pages of fruits and vegetables I created for you to make your own centerpiece. Included in the FREE packet is a brief background on the history of how the Cornucopia came to be used. It might be a bit different than you’re expecting!

The Cornucopia by Artist Jen Haefeli

(available as part of the FREE Cornucopia pdf packet below)

“The Beet” & “Garlic” by Artist Jen Haefeli

(examples of fruits & vegetables included in the FREE pdf packet)



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