A Frightfully Good Time…

The party don’t start ’til they walk in!


Liz is the Bell of the Ball. The Queen of the Court. She Governs the Graveyard.

Frank knows no dance floor he isn’t willing to burn up, and he proudly wears pink!

If you’re looking for a way to get your Halloween season underway, kick things into gear with these two. Hold on tight and go for the ride! They’ll keep things spooky! Liz prefers things icy and she takes her gravestone and ghostly friend wherever she goes.


Bats are never far from Frank. Occasionally they’re seen flying out from his coat. They like to hide away tucked underneath his tails during the daytime to avoid the light.


Frank & Liz are available on the Halloween page. You can color, paint, or decorate them yourselves. There’s also a pre-painted, print-ready option as Frank wanted everyone to be given a chance to own his swanky Flaming Flamingo ensemble. Isn’t he a precious gem?


Whichever you choose, don’t miss out on the Boo! Bags. They have been created with an offering of 14 downloads filled with coloring sheets, printables for making funnels to hold popcorn or for delivering spooky surprises to your friends and neighbors. The Boo! Bag pack includes the black & white pattern for Frank & Liz. Enjoy these Halloween themed activities designed for seasonal fun!


Happy Halloween!

– Wild Root

The inspiration for Frank & Liz comes from an oldie but goodie. Image Source Hollywood Films, The Bride of Frankenstein.



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